Frank just wants to play a game. But, playing the game won't be so easy.


v.2 uploaded, now there is an easy mode for people who don't like frustrating game. The game should flow up to the end. If you have any problem with the easy mode, let me know, since I made it in a short time and not tested it properly, sorry....


Frank is a game made in a couple of days, for the GameDevTv 2022 jam, with theme " Death is only the beginning" .

Jam web page:

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GenreInteractive Fiction, Platformer
Tagshumor, Text based


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I gotta be frank...this was good Frank.

Lol. Had lof of fun.

Thanks for playing!

Amusing, though kind of a pain to get through everything. 

I also see we're brothers in self depreciation!

If you want to see the ending, an easy mode is available. Red text indicates choices that lead to death. While the game is probably less fun, you can see the ending, if you want to :)

it was frustrating but i still continued. did not even know when it ended. not my kind of game. but i respect the amount of logic put in to the question and answer.  

Thanks for playing! Yeah, I understand text based games are not for everyone. There is a platformer (kind of) level, but needs some effort to reach it. I appreciate the feedback, thanks!

really great humor, loved it

Glad you enjoyed the game!